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Enrique Morente

It has been said that the genius people leave this world in the same way they came: without warning and ahead of time. Too early for an artist like Enrique Morente,  67 years old and with more than one thousand songs behind him. He defined himself as an apprentice of ‘el cante’. An apprentice of ‘el cante’ that finally becomes a legend itself. A legend for his whole career as the creator and innovator of a tight genre in the flamenco scene.

Since his first album in 1967, ‘Cante Flamenco’ he has always been considered  the most responsible of the modernization of ‘el cante’ even adapting at flamenco the poems of Miguel Hernandez,Garcia Lorca and Lope de Vega. This renewal has reached our days after the collaborations with bands like Sonic Youth, artists such as Leonard Cohen or even with his most experimental album ‘Omega’ with the band Lagartija Nick. In this álbum Morente and Lagartija nick showed that flamenco has not frontiers and can reach the interior of  the most vanguardist and experimental minds.

Who is this French guy? said Morente at the phone conversations we had. It wasn’t difficult to make him understand the meaning of our meeting that finally took place the day of the filmmaking in Granada. Morente’s curiosity for the unknown creativity was the reason that moved him to bring his wife Aurora and one of his daughters Solea at this magic place in Granada, “El Bañuelo”, the XI Century  Arabic thermal baths of this town. Unknowing of what was like to shoot a video in a spontaneous way, with out rehersals or contracts, but at the same time conscious that its supposes a way of communication that i didnt want to pass.
He ended his telephone calls in the same way “thanks for keeping an eye on me”. Maybe after a whole career he was still and apprentice, an apprentice of the “new life”
Thanks Enrique for your curiosity, for your thankfulness, and for your message, that makes all this life make sense.

Jose Rodriguez,Pepe Garcia, Clara Saiz. (Madrid based Filmmakers)