La Blogothèque

This Is The Kit

We’ve loved This Is the Kit for a while now. It was about time that we paid them some individual attention: they were present for Herman Dune’s Soirée de Poche (the fifth in the series) and made an appearance in Soy Un Caballo’s Take-Away Show. The attention was lavished upon them by David, a brand new director, flanked by JB, a veteran Take-Away Show soundman (my god, it’s been three years already).

We’d been invited by Kate’s band (or “le band à Kate”, perfectly bilingual, half-English, half- French) to watch children and strollers in Parc Eole, and maybe to play a song or two from Wriggle Out The Restless .

Surrounded by loud, charming kids, listening to them heckle each other as they tried to work out an improbable choreography, concentrating to hear their scattered, melodic laughter, I couldn’t say whether la Blogothèque is getting younger or older. Time has passed, and now we and the artists have children; but their music makes the new generation dance, happy to be included in this unusual game, with the “tv”, the “singer”, and “What’s your MySpace?”

Adorable and turbulent, it was impossible to break away from the childish horde, but who would complain? The drums were transported to the other end of the park, the audience was won over in a split second just to forget the rhythm a second later, the music bounced off the set, just to return and
turn itself to the sky, which, despite its grey hues, didn’t rain that day.

Translated by Tara Dominguez