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The Morning Benders

It was without a doubt one of the hottest days the summer had seen so far. We reminded old folk to stay hydrated, we sweated in front of our computers; bodies were heavy, outings rare.

It was the end of the day, but the sun shone on. There were about sixty of us assembled together in an apartment. Constantly seeking fresh air, flyers became fans for our hot foreheads. With their white sweat-soaked shirts and their shorts cut awkwardly above the knee, the Morning Benders had the air of innocent schoolboys who had failed to change out of their uniforms before playing after school. Facing us in this oven of a room, Christopher Chu taught us to sing Excuses. At this stage we were all predicting a nice, quiet evening. It certainly began quietly, with the audience stunned by the July heat. The group played on despite this, as if nothing would stop them.

The heat of the apartment soon became too much to bear, and we all headed out into the courtyard. Christopher The Unstoppable then asked for requests, accepted the task of playing pieces he barely knew, and silenced everybody with songs by Radiohead, The Turtles, The Beatles, The Pixies and Pavement, not forgetting a few of his own too. When we all joined him for a heartfelt Apologies it was no longer a hot day, but a balmy evening, heading towards a crazy night.

They played 34 songs in total. The last, Oh Annie, played in the cool of a Haussmannian hallway, was without a doubt the most beautiful. This only appears to be the end however, as in reality our singing continued long into the night. We have far too much video evidence to support this, which we shall save for a rainy day, in case we are ever in need of reminding how wonderful hot summer nights can be. Especially when accompanied by music like that.