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Montreal Pocket Party

I’d always wondered, seeing as it worked so well in Paris, why not export the concept to this city where I’d dropped my suitcases a few months earlier ? The problem – and we don’t know how good we have it in France – is that musicians never stay two days in Montreal. They arrive (from very far) at 5:00 for soundcheck, play their show that night, and leave the next morning, because this country, in all seriousness, is enormous. We wouldn’t be able to get any huge names, like Vampire Weekend, but good musicians are definitely not lacking in Canada…

The enthusiasm of the gathered draw winners and musicians alike relaxed me a bit. Luxury Pond opened the ball, silencing everyone just by picking up his guitar. Everyone quieted down, so quiet that you’d barely dare open a beer, and we were spellbound by Dan Pencer’s sax, making the moment even more magical.

Alex Lukashevsky had suggested that he would bring backup, and was supported by Daniela Gesundheit (Dan, aka Luxury Pond’s, girlfriend, and half of the group Snowblink) and Felicity Williams. It was perfect; the intervention of their voices were perfect, light, masterful, and their high pitches couldn’t have provided better contrast with Alex’s. Simply beautiful, we hoped the trio would never stop.

T.H.O.M.A.S. closed the soirée with languid, saccharine and a bit 80’s, there was still beer in the fridge, people stayed around to chat with the artists, and I got a chance to breathe: mission accomplished.>] // [ //

Thanks to Patrice, Adrien, Pierre-Luc, Marc-André and Marco.

Translated by Tara Dominguez