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NxNE Blogotheque Series – Part Two

The second and final part of our NxNE weekend in Toronto, with Silje Nes, Inlets, Neutral Uke Hotel and Anamanaguchi.

The light created a perfect ambience to strip down the songs of this Norwegian-Berliner band, playing here without their drummer, occupied with trying to find a place to park the van which would allow them to slip by the meter maid. Later, on stage, they shared a dozen instruments and objects that we had never suspected could produce such beautiful melodies, and we were hypnotised by Silje’s feet gracefully pushing her many pedals.

It had been a long time, too long. Finally, a new album; finally, a chance to film him, although for the moment he has no European tour planned. It had been too long but nothing had changed, the spell of a voice under which anything could be forgiven, chiselled melodies which hit the right spot, I could never properly express the love that I feel for Inlets.

A band that covers Neutral Milk Hotel on ukuleles? It exists (everything exists). Neutral Uke Hotel, a joyous band of troubadours in the middle of the street, an improvised show for an enthusiastic – at least this time – crowd. And the arrival of a car, showcasing the drummer’s improvisational talents, and the guy on his phone who thought they were the real NMH, “My friend is a huge fan!”

For Anamanaguchi, the chiptune band who accompanies their real instruments with a customized old NES, we had anticipated heavy equipment: a projector, a NES and cult video games like Tetris and Dr. Mario. We wanted to find volunteers to play around while the group preformed. A fitting backdrop for the band, who we’ve heard a lot about lately thanks to the music they composed for the video game “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World “. Unfortunately, it was impossible to find a blank wall outside. No worries, it would be an improvised scene of the group in a window-like recess, making the eyes of their geek fans shine and letting passerby discover their music.

The long version:

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Translated by Tara Dominguez