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NxNE Blogotheque Series – Part One

Three days, a dozen Take-Away Shows, a city six times bigger than Paris, 35 degrees in the shade. During NxNE, the Canadian answer to the famous SxSW, Derrick and I ran the Toronto musical marathon. Round one, with The Soft Pack, Avi Buffalo, DM Stith, Library Voices.

A trashy look and hard-hitting sound don’t need to go hand in hand, and The Soft Pack aren’t as soft as their name suggests – as we were convinced the night of their show, after a heated and electrifying concert, mosh pit optional. And this was the Take-Away Show where I discovered the existence of the stylophone.

It didn’t take long for Avi Buffalo to become blog favourites in the United States. We grabbed some Indian food and then set out to find them on the grass, a youthful group of smiling 20 year olds, with sharp melodies and the singer’s incredible voice.

DM Stith stood us up last year, but we don’t bear grudges at la Blogothèque. How could someone with that voice could have hidden so long before sharing his gift with us?

Just before we arrived, rehearsing behind the Horseshoe Tavern, Library Voices met a guy who lived around the corner, in a loft with a rooftop terrace and a view of the city. We never refuse this kind of invitation. It was barely four p.m., nearly 35 degrees, but we had never seen a band so happy to play, to be together. Champagne!

The long version, 4-in-1:

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Translated by Tara Dominguez