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Hold Your Horses

We were in luck that night. We had gone to see our favourite Rennes natives, Lug Na, who were playing at La Flèche d’Or on that brisk night, January 3, 2009. We were there with Ed, and the phenomenal show offered up a new discovery: the Parisian band Hold Your Horses. Numerous on stage and possessed by an intense energy, their folky, danceable sound made us want to learn more about them. At the end of the concert, we exchanged small talk and good intentions. Our paths would cross again, and this time a camera would be invited along. Six months later, destiny brought us together once again, in a corn field high above a river valley during the Route du Rock 2009. But no. Destiny left us empty-handed. A few weeks earlier, we had gone to visit the band in their studio. In Loches. Same story. Upon arrival, we expected to be surrounded by nature in her calm and welcoming state. Or not.

After smothering ourselves in insect repellent, we were ready for adventure. The sun poked through the clouds, and a few horses made an appearance. A funny coincidence (and for those who don’t follow…the band’s name, right…) But the horses were accompanied by Roger and his decidedly noisy tractor. Too bad, we’d hoped to do a song here. Oh well. Gregory, the band’s guitarist, was a bit more disappointed. He had prepared a rhythm section for this song with tennis balls…by the time he finished negotiating with Roger and his tractor it was time to head back…

We had some time to use the interior of the studio. The studio itself was less of a studio and more of an old stone building. A place that had seen many souls pass through, with trinkets everywhere that had already been around too long. Small rooms filled with the band’s instruments, amplifiers and cables. Scribbled notes, drafts for the new album. And, finally, a big room, resembling the parlour on a Clue board with at least all of the murder weapons on display.

Outside, we still had the van that “deux chevaux” driven us from the station to the building. To make sure she’d still start, and to test her frame one last time, we tried to get the whole group inside. And remember, there are quite a few people in Hold Your Horses…

HYH will be touring the US:

August 12th 2010…..@ Littlefield (w/GBB) – New York City – USA

August 13th 2010…..@ Fontana’s (w/GBB) – New York City – USA

August 14th 2010…..@ The Gallery – Philadelphia – USA

August 15th 2010…..@ The Barn – Kingston, RI – USA

August 20th 2010…..@ Club 828(w/GBB) – Asheville – USA

August 21th 2010…..@ The Evening Muse (w/GBB) – Charlotte – USA

August 23rd 2010…..@ The Bell House (w/ El Diablo Robotico and Sunny Ali and the Kid ) – Brooklyn – USA

Bon voyage!

Text : Nathanaël Le Scouarnec

Translated by Tara Dominguez