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Hey Rosetta!

I heard about Hey Rosetta! a few months before I started listening to them. All of life’s little distractions had prevented me from finding time to take a listen. But after a bad breakup (you know, the kind that you can’t even listen to anything you and your ex-lover used to listen to together for fear that a rush of memories would come stumbling back) I found myself having to give this band a chance. I needed to listen to something new. They were cunning and heart wrenching. Polite and angry. Happy and sad. Their lyrics were smart and their melodies were powerful. They weren’t just something “new” they were something “great”.

An opportunity to film them in San Francisco came up. We shared a drink, we walked the city, we filmed a couple of songs. We were having fun, too much fun in fact. So they ended up spending the night at my house. We drank and talked about adventures, projects, ideas, and ex-lovers. It was a beautiful night, with a beautiful band.

This was one moment of it.

Art Perez