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ZZK Records

Grant had invited me to stay at his for a couple of days. Freshly arrived from Bolivia after two days on a bus, I spent a summer Sunday on his roof, crushed by the overwhelming heat. To my dismay, Buenos Aires seemed dead. I gave myself one week to complete my aural investigations and another to film my findings. Grant had been in Buenos Aires for a few years, likely to get away from something. He started to promote events, which soon established itself as a portal for porteño culture. He and some friends launched a club night, the Zizek, which soon became a record label, ZZK Records , more or less dedicated to digital cumbia. Very en vogue today, a wave opening itself towards outside sounds, ZZK and Bomba Estereo are launching a type of media hybridisation. Can we film electro? Guys behind machines? A challenge, and not one that worth much a priori. But Grant has resources, and called up his troops, who all decided except for one that the concept of a sequence shot could lend itself well to the music.

An afternoon, two hours ahead of us, a shack in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, two other films recently completed at the opposite end of town. Even a Slovak philosopher couldn’t have done it better.

Translated by Tara Dominguez