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Fool’s Gold

It was very late, the public had already left and the musicians of Fool’s Gold were packing up their instruments. Whilst doing so, one of the percussionists tapped out a little rhythm. Another stopped, asked him to repeat it, and joined in.

Almost everything had been packed away (unfortunately this included our cameras), but within seconds guitars were reconnected, the beat shared and the music resumed. Fool’s Gold jammed for a further ten minutes purely for themselves and the happy insatiable few. As if the echoes in our heads were not enough, as if we were not already thrilled by their beautiful performance.

It all started last summer… We scheduled a concert for them at a great new Paris venue. It didn’t end up happening. On their very first visit to Paris we took them on a whirlwind mission to film one of our Take-Away Shows. However sometimes the magic isn’t there, and neither us nor them were particularly happy with the result. And so, we sadly contemplated our two failed attempts to capture their brilliance.

Then, much later, we happened to read somewhere that the group had started out by playing in parks and at birthday parties, far away in sunny Los Angeles. And thus, A Soirée de Poche seemed like the natural thing to do.

As usual, the whole thing was put together in just a few hours. Enough time to find eight lovely people residing in a beautiful big loft apartment, who weren’t particularly bothered by the prospect of lots of noise on a Sunday evening. Enough time for us to also track down the enchanting Kouyate & Neerman to ensure even more of a party.

That night, unable to sleep, I had the most wonderful impression that summer would last forever and that we would dance until the end.