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Fernando Milagros

First I knew nothing of Valparaíso. Then I was introduced through stories. Then I heard Fernando’s music. Then I fell in love with it. In an age where disconnection from the music we consume (to say nothing of each other) is all-too-commonplace, how amazing it was to discover this city and these songs.

Like the images show, this is the sound of a community – one of the musicians featured, but also one that seems to extend through to the city itself, as if it, too, was happy to share in these songs ; like the city and the band and the songs are all good friends out spending a day together. It will surprise no one that these performances are built around a journey. And though it sounds cliche, the music beckons us, also, to come along.

I was trying to think of how it could be that Fernando’s songs sound so fresh to my ears. Again, with the digital nature of things we can become jaded listeners – there’s just so much out there coming at us (and I do not mean to rail against technology. It was technology that allowed this project to happen). But still these songs sounded fresh to my ears. And I think it is because there is a casual ease to the romanticism in this music. There is in natural abundance that which so many bands try so hard to have. Even after hearing these songs one thousand times in the process of working on this project, I still want to listen to them and think of a city by the sea.

Text by Gates Bradley

Fernando kindly requested that we give a link to his website, et to his email address. Here it is