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Jamie Lidell

It’s often like this. We talk about the Take Away Show for weeks, think about organising everything properly. Then, people get busy, the camera changes hands, the musician finds it hard to make time, and we find ourselves doing it all at the very last minute.

We would have liked to go big for Jamie Lidell. We’d been chasing him for awhile. But, here it was: not only were he and his band available for just two hours, they were stuck in a hotel in the depths of the fifteenth arrondissement. The fifteenth: the nightmare of all Take Away Shows, of which we took an increasingly hopeless virtual tour of the night before filming. The fifteenth’s empty streets, the fifteenth’s bland riverside, its monotonous landscape.

We met the four musicians near their hotel. I took out a mini amp: armed with a teaspoon, they created every imaginable sound. And when we asked them where their instruments were, they pulled out the biggest cowbell I have ever seen in my life. Hey, fifteenth, we’re ready!

And as soon as we began, our anxieties disappeared… As you can see.

Translated by Tara Dominguez