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Rod Jones

He must have practised a bit during the afternoon, reconsidered some of the songs that he had never before played in public, reinvented them, relearned them, almost. They hadn’t been composed for solo acoustic performances, and they needed a second guitar, a feminine choral backing, some arrangements and ornamentation…and he was about to play them alone in a bookstore, a peculiar concert. There was no pressure, but he wanted to play them well…

Rod Jones is the guitarist from Idlewild. He has written for many other musicians, more or less anonymously. After a dozen years of honing his craft, his desire to release music under his own name was realised with his first solo album, title inspired by Flaubert. An album that is mostly folk, intertwined with childhood memories, traditional Gaelic songs and the simplicity of a guitar around a fire. And a lot of humility…

The setting may have been short a few pints or the sound of a violin; perhaps we could have replaced the books with old benches and turned down the lights. But in the December cold, our hearts were warmed by his songs; we were easily moved to that place they were meant to be.

A Sentimental Education was released April 26 by Borough Music. It is available on most downloading platforms.

Translated by Tara Dominguez.