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The weather was nice, and we had arranged to meet at 4:30 in order to scout a couple of locations. As per usual, I was late and Derrick was early. It started to rain – the kind of huge downpour that lasts fifteen minutes and ends with a rainbow – so we took shelter in Le Pick-Up, waiting for the storm to pass, hoping for the storm to pass, while taking the opportunity to inhale a veggie pulled pork sandwich, the ultimate Montreal snack

Text from Janet Weiss. They were running a little late, they were about to start the sound check. The rain had stopped. We walked towards Il Motore, and Derrick detoured to show me a dog park he had discovered. The kind of space that I have only seen in North America: dirt, some grass, a fountain, and dog owners chatting while their puppies ran like madmen.

In the venue, Sam, Joanna and Janet made the last adjustments then joined us. They had just begun their tour; they had yet to become road weary. We told them about the park, and it sounded good – they love dogs. Especially Janet. They had barely opened the gate before the dogs came over to play. After about five minutes the dogs backed off but kept a watchful eye on us, and Quasi sang “Never Coming Back Again” in front of their indifferent owners.

Night fell, bats glided above our heads. We discovered a lake just beyond the park, a lake with pretty lights, joggers, and some unabashed couples sitting on blankets. Nearby, a soccer field, but it didn’t catch on, although the song that they played is one of my favourites.

Translated by Tara Dominguez