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We met Megafaun around noon at La Croissanterie Figaro, the day after a magnificent concert held in a nearly empty Sala Rossa. Cheerful, thrilled at the idea of doing a Take Away Show, they wanted to take the opportunity to have a little fun. Which made us happy; it’s not often we meet such unselfconscious bands.

On stage the night before, Brad had called Joe, the drummer, Jesus. A joke which became the genesis of a nearly three minute long act around the song His Robe . Nobody was left out. It was decided that Sharon Van Elten would improvise a few notes on the violin and that Elisabeth, the lead singer of Land of Talk, who had put the band up for the night, would wait perched on a balcony for a sign to launch into an unforgettable trumpet solo, an instrument she did not know how to play, but an idea which Megafaun found hilarious. A ‘Take Away Sermon’ with Jesus, the day after Easter, in Montreal’s Jewish neighbourhood.

Montreal’s many alleyways are practical places to film sequence shots – spaces which are, for the most part, calm and pretty, without the hindrance of (many) cars. We dragged Brad, Phil and Joe away from the cheese croissants which are the talk of the town and into the alley behind the café. A radical change in ambiance: bearded folk and red brick for Tides .

We could have spent the afternoon with these beardos , listening to them recount their incredible stories, drinking too much coffee and laughing crazily on the terrace. But they had to leave for Toronto, so we ordered a last latte, a last croissant, and Martin Anderson took out his harmonica to accompany Megafaun for one last song. A new one, actually: Volunteers , a track from the follow-up to “Gather, Form & Fly”, which will be released this summer.

Liens : Megafaun / Sharon Van Etten / Land of Talk / Martin Anderson / La Croissanterie Figaro

Translated by Tara Dominguez