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Kid Harpoon

Newly arrived in Paris for the very first time, Kid Harpoon wanted to
seek out some greenery and some calm. We were in the very centre of
Paris and he wanted to hide away in the middle of the forest…the
only solution that came to mind was the landscaped promenade over
avenue Daumesnil, where we were sure to find a semblance of
tranquility, perched above the din of the street.

The late August sun came along for the ride. The air felt fresher up
above and Kid let his voice be carried by it, first hesitantly then
using his full scale. His hand plucked the guitar’s strings with
urgency, his chords progressing with the movement of his voice.

A little while later, after this flight, we descended underground, in
into the metro, just enough time for a song which still echoes in the
dim hallways of Ledru-Rollin station.

Nat (translated by Tara Dominguez