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The Rest, Suckers, Darwin Deez

Ed had told me about a band that changed his life, The Rest. And
after a single listen, I was won over, made a believer; this band
played with my insides. Originally from Toronto, the band had never
made their way to Europe. While I was in New York in May, the occasion
presented itself. Above all, there was the location, which had always
fascinated me and which offered itselfup with open arms: Coney Island.
A sort of amusement park on the periphery of the Big Apple, along the
river, a location devastated by the passage of time, where nature had
moved back in and the moss snaked up the wooden supports of
yesterday’s rollercoasters.

The members of The Rest are timid and touching; they love being on the
road. Without a moment’s hesitation, they drove 1400 kilometers to
meet us in New York. Their motivation was palpable, even if the
fatigue caused by rising at dawn brought some nerves along for the
ride. They were a little hesitant, but I like that fragility, their
glances at once lost but happy. In the background, a group of
fishermen on the pier. Local residents, surely, who were not likely to
be sold on the idea of watching us on their playground, scaring away
their catches. The Rest didn’t hesitate, but didn’t want to go talk to
the fishermen beforehand to warn them. We’ll see, they said. They understood what it was all about. – Nat (translated by Tara Dominguez)


The last time I saw Suckers play live the room was packed and the stage was full of instruments: guitars, trumpets, trombones, drums and keyboards. Their songs are rich with melody and feel beautifully complete

On this day the only instruments they had were their voices and hands. The audience, save for a few surprised employees, was comprised of the statues in the Greek and Roman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We only had an hour to be in and out of the museum, Suckers left some echoes and we took this video away with us. – Adam


It was Clumsy who told me about Darwin Deez a few months before I left for Montreal. She had me listen to “Bad Day” while I sipped on a mint diabolo in the 20th. A mix of pettiness, tangy pop and bizarre cacophonies, “Bad Day” is the song that we have never written for that ex who dumped us by text or that friend who stole the job of our dreams.

It was by chance that Darwin Deez passed through Montreal a few days
before Halloween, and Phillippe and I brought them to Le Pick Up,
where Beaver makes the best vegetarian burgers in the world. They
improvised by drumming on the tables, shaking pasta and sugar boxes…
They looked in each others’ eyes while joking around, playing and
singing with incredible energy.

Don’t miss them in concert (they’re in Paris on April 20). It’s truly
a spectacle – that I won’t tell you about. I don’t want to ruin the
surprise. – Nora (translated by Tara Dominguez)