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Emily Jane White

“Books absorb sound,” the clerk said. It felt like a good idea to have Emily Jane White play surrounded by books. It may have been better to choose the dark and sombre confines of a second hand bookstore, permeated with the characteristic smell of old paper, but we wanted to choose a place where her voice would carry, where it could be softened without being muted, where it could be radiant without being glaring; we needed the brightness of a new bookstore to display the modernity of her music.

Emily played surrounded by erotic tales, philosophic works, and pop fiction, all of which suited her well. Emily, Jen Grady (on cello) and Carey Lamprecht (on violin) had just finished a European tour and were about to return to California. They were calm, relaxed, a little tired, but satisfied. They played a few songs from the albums Dark Undercoat and Victorian America and some new ones; really new, as they had never before been recorded, songs full of promise which were already stunning when played by the trio.

A group of people waited outside the store for a long time, in the December cold, needing some warmth and a little comfort. If their faces said anything, it was that they had found that comfort: they listened attentively, displaying a host of emotions.

Emily played beautifully. Her voice as she sang was light and airy, sublime in the moment. Nat captured it perfectly…

Emily Jane White is currently touring France. (

Translated by Tara Dominguez