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Basia Bulat

Sometimes a song you haven’t heard in a while comes back to take you by surprise. Near the end of Basia Bulat’s new album Heart of my own is the song “The Shore”. Listening, I was reminded that I had already heard it.

It was about two years ago that Nate Chan filmed Basia in San Francisco. Two songs from her latest album and a third, completely new, that didn’t have a title yet. The song and the video were beautiful, intimate, with the surprise addition of a choir hidden in a pool of light. We wanted to publish it right away, but Basia and her label didn’t want to. Too soon, they said.

So the video stayed on a hard drive for months, before coming back to us without warning. Basia Bulat is now willing to let us post it, so we’ve dusted it off and put it up for you.

Translation by Tara Dominguez