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Piers and Camille

On this day of june, we were in the backyard of an apartment building. Somebody had given us the entrance code so that we could come in and shoot Piers, Camille and Dominique covering Nick Drake’s “One Of These Things First”. At once the care taker came asking who had given us permission to sing here. Camille answered “God” but the caretaker didn’t believe her. Then the typical official tenant came and right away started talking about calling the cops if we didn’t leave. Then another tenant came down, on her way to the gym class; she clearly said that this was no joke and that the police was going to be informed.

So we left singing, hitting St-Eustache where no questions were asked. Since it was closing at 7pm, somebody told us that if we didn’t want to get locked up… The sacred places are not any more the ones we think they are.

Piers wanted to sing “Banks Of The Nile”, he loved british singer Sandy Denny’s version. It is about a man going to war and his wife who’s ready to follow him to Egypt – a dialog between them.