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Andrew Bird and St Vincent

It was terribly difficult. Hours and hours in the editing room, faced with two and a half hours worth of superb footage, faced with touching moments and incredible songs, and faced with the knowledge that only some of it could be used in the final video.

Andrew Bird, playing his violin at the window, invites guests to come up. He then proceeds to sing his tales of collapsing walls and fading love, whistles one of his old songs, plays longer than expected, and makes us positively buzz. Then St Vincent arrives, Bird stays, and the two of them begin to create wondrous things.

That evening, control of the situation had escaped us. The artists did as they pleased, and gave us more than we would have dared to ask for. And we’re so very glad that they did. We had tried to persuade the two of them to perhaps play a song together, and there were vague talks of a Dylan cover. Then, Annie arrived, and Andrew, who was supposed to leave, simply failed to do so. He was sitting at the other end of the piano, his guitar in his hand, improvising along to all of her songs. We were no longer organizing a concert in an unusual setting. We were watching, transfixed, this pure creation, this enchanting duel.

A few weeks later, Andrew Bird announced that St Vincent would be having concerts in the US. A lucky few in Paris knew where they had met…

Stances & La Blogotheque production, with the support of  ArteLiveWeb
Directed by Chryde and Benoit Toulemonde Sound by Etienne Pozzo A big thank you to Michael de CoopJean-Philippe de Beggars, à Pierre et sa famille qui nous ont accueillis

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