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Delta Spirit

What are the only mobile national monuments in the United States? Think about it for a while. Give up? It’s the San Francisco Cable Cars. I’ve always wanted to do a Take Away Show on one. But first we needed a band that would match the noise, the rumble and the tumble of the carts themselves. You see, the cacophony on one of those things can be pretty loud and intimidating so we needed a band that could overpower the mobile monster.

Enter Delta Spirit – a San Diego band that is known to blow away audiences with their live performances. Delta Spirit has the power of Cold War Kids with the catchy rhythms of Vampire Weekend. We started at the corner of 5th and Market, and after talking, convincing, and yes even begging the cable car guys to let us on with the band and their instruments, luck was on our side. It didn’t take long for the music to start, as soon as the cart started Delta Spirit was banging away.

After two songs and traveling half the city, we finally said goodbye to the tourist on the cart and arrived in North Beach. We walked along many shops trying to find the perfect place for “Strange Vine”, what we didn’t expect was that we would also find the perfect instrument to lead the harmonics. The owner of a Fine Rug on Green St. store also turned out to be the proud owner of two beautiful harmoniums. After the song the owner sold them one of the instruments, so if you hear the harmonium in he next album, you know where they got it.

After the insanity of the cable cars it was time to settle to a peaceful whisper. It’s hard to remember any artist getting into a song like Matt Vasquez got into “People, Turn Around”. He put himself back to the place where he wrote this song. It was beautiful. It was painful. It was perfect.