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Tender Forever

One year after her concert at La Cigale during the festival Les Femmes S’en Mêlent, I meet up with Mélanie to film her concert at Point Ephémère that night, and, at the same time, to do a Take Away Show.

Unfortunately, there’s a torrential downpour outside…so we take refuge in the corners that the Point Ephémère offers us.

We start the first song next to the café, in the gallery section that, this time, was mostly empty. Then we begin, little by little, to discover the place.

Hold on, a ladder…because she didn’t get the chance to sing in a tree, she perches here, up high, for her cover of Justin Timberlake.

Right after that, in the corridors that lead to the offices, she offers a second cover—this time, Cher—before she gives an energetic concert later that night.


(Translation by Caitlin Caven)