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Ra Ra Riot

Every day isn’t always an easy one as a young and up and coming band. Your songs fluctuate on the Hype Machine and spin at parties, your headlines appear in the blogosphere, and you’re given the chance to travel the world and play shows. But before those concerts, you have to do with the means at hand, thank you very much.

We had a rendezvous with Ra Ra Riot one Saturday afternoon at their hotel, the famed “Mister Bed” of the Porte de Bagnolet, hidden behind a parking lot, underneath the Boulevard Périphérique, next to an enormous shopping center. In a cafeteria that would have disgraced a university restaurant manager, they arrived half-asleep, silent and shy, bundled up in their big parkas. The weather was fine, though it was cold out. Everything appeared slowed down, frozen. We didn’t know where to shoot.

Luckily, we weren’t the only shiftless bodies in the neighborhood. There were around twenty teens beating the boredom by sliding, rolling and jumping in a mini skate park under the bridge. We settled in alongside them, as if we didn’t want them disturbed. They couldn’t care less. They continued to slide, jump and roll along, while the group sang “Dying is Fine” in a softer tone than usual, as if relying on the youth to expend energy instead of them.

The song finished, we were cold, so we went to warm up at Sidi Ali’s.

Translated by Aaron Veerasuntharam