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We could classify bands who do Take Away Shows into three categories: those we go and get; those who come and get us; and those we come across, kinda miraculously. Satine belongs to the latter category because of what a stroke of luck my encounter with them was, a succession of lucky breaks that makes you feel helpless. Through these coincidences, I ended up in their rehearsal studio in the 18th arrondissement on a Sunday evening, holding a camera. Some music, a video shot in their studio; little by little, the inspiration to shoot a Take Away Show took shape on both sides. Meanwhile, the opportunity to film in a different location arose.

A roof. The tin roof of a building in the centre of Paris, a bank “squatted” by Jeudi Noir for a few months, which the association opened for us. It was not easy, though: lugging the instruments to the top and pushing them through the kitchen’s windows forced some of us to overcome our fear of heights. However, all I could see was the childlike smiles on Satine’s faces once we made it to the top. After a few minutes – we needed to get used to the sloping roof and strong wind – music repossessed the moment.

Just like in a dream, night was falling, and reality escaped us. Still, the urge to be back on solid ground took the upper hand. Getting down was a bit arduous, but Satine wanted to tame the street. So, at dawn, we went to the Place des Petits-Pères, a nice spot hidden behind the Bourse. I wasn’t expecting this kind of outcome, such freedom. In the end, it was a beautiful walk in the shopping arcades of Passage Vivienne.

For those who are hungry for more, you can find another bunch of videos on the roof and a bonus shot in their rehearsal studio here.


(Translation by Nora)