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When I got word that Efterklang was about to embark on their first US tour, it was as if the sky had opened up and heaven was coming down on earth with horns; a choir, and the crazy danish running around the streets of San Francisco! I was full of anticipation and curious to find out how they would handle a stripped down version of their own songs, will they try to play off of their live shows (BTW in a couple of weeks in Copenhagen, a 50 member orchestra will accompany them while they play Parades in its entirety), will they re-invent themselves for this occasion?

I think some of the best Take Away Shows are the ones when musicians are willing to stretch themselves creatively and not only bring in new elements to their music but also are not afraid to take some away. We get to witness that in Mirador with the help of some special touring friends (Slaraffenland).

With such a large band, literally what is the most obvious way to get intimate? Throw them into the smallest room of the venue (the kitchen at Bottom of the Hill) and let them squeeze every little note out. Fortunately for us, Efterklang was in a very giving mood and offered a new song, Echo Wave.

If you’re in China during the first week of October, I would suggest seeing them live, you will not be disappointed! For the rest of the world, you’ll just have to wait, the sky will open up again.

Text by Nate Chan