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Black Lips

The Black Lips had never heard of the Take-Away Shows. This is a good thing because there were no preconceptions. I described the concept to them but in the end it really didn’t matter what I said because these guys are game for whatever. Black Lips have a bit of a reputation for having a good time, therefore, my plan was to get them out in the streets interacting with the people, but time and weather didn’t permit it. So then, we had the venue to utilize in the hour throughout sound-check.
They said they wanted to play songs individually and so that is how we began. During sound-check, Joe, Cole, and Jared intermittently came down to the cavernous basement to each do a song for us. They knew what they wanted to play: Jared with “Treat Me Like A Man” from his band, The Gaye Blades, Cole singing a gritty track he calls, “Bob Dylan Rip-Off Song”, and Joe performing “Navajo”, the one song presented here from their latest record, Good Bad Not Evil. The graffitied backdrop compliments these raw and undressed garage-folk tunes quite well… while Joe’s enticing voice, ringing-out from down the corridor, draws us in to the conclusion of the three solo takes.

I was determined that we wouldn’t be leaving without Black Lips performing all together. More than once my good friend Leslie said that she hoped they’d play “Everybody’s Doing It”. Up on the balcony after sound-check, they took her request and played one last song as a group. And with this, both of our wishes were granted.

I was most certain that the Black Lips Take-Away Show would be anything but subdued. After watching their tight, electrified live show later that night, I came to the conclusion that we actually got something unique. I also realized that I owe these guys some beers.

Steve, One Take Seattle