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Jack Lewis

For Alex and me, it was the very last night of a 2-week shooting with the Jeff Lewis Band for my documentary Monkeys and Babies Are Scary (still in editing process). Jack’s departure had been the main topic of conversation during the last two weeks. Jack was arguing that his being in Portland wouldn’t affect the band: he would still meet the others every time they had to go on tour, and, anyway, they never rehearse. But Jeff thought that Jack being thousands miles away from NYC meant he had to find another bass player.

So if this night was about celebrating Jack’s new life in Portland, it was also full of interrogations about what was gonna happen to the legendary Jeff Lewis Band. With Jeff, we bought some veggie burgers to cook on the roof and some cheap beers.

Jeff and Jack together–it was the 4th Take-Away Show in April 2006. Jack is by himself this time, and he sings a song by his band, Jack Lewis and the Cut-Offs. There are many versions of “Shadow Party”, and this one is definitely the barest.

One month later, Jack still played with his brother and David Beauchamp (drums), and this one night they were opening for Danielson at La Maroquinerie. David Herman Dune came by to meet his friends and play a few songs with them on stage, as they usually do. He often played with Jack alone, so they did a song about monkeys that they barely knew the words to. All of this took place after the gig and the battery of the camera was dying, so I had to plug it in at the restaurant of the Maroquinerie, and then we couldn’t move anymore.

Jack will be playing the Triptyque with the Jeff Lewis Band on June 30th.