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David Bazan

David Bazan is one of the finest songwriters you will ever meet. His personable attitude and carefree demeanor allows you to enter his world without being intimidated by the bushy beard and bar fighting arms (don’t let them fool you). Anyway, we all jumped into my car and headed out to the Mission. I really had no clue how everything would turn out: the wind was unpredictable, we were a little bit behind schedule, and I had too much coffee that morning. But like many of these improvised shows, you cannot plan too far in advance, or else you may miss the most important thing (whichever that thing may be).

And for David, it seemed like he had the same approach, take whatever is given and do with what you got. So briefly that was the day, he played a few songs, we all had a great time and we dropped him back off at the Fillmore; the venue he would later play that night. I’m sure there were a lot of things that happened, either we were unaware of it, too special for us to share, maybe too lazy to remember or perhaps, what would be best is for the show to speak on it’s own.

Then, I’ll shut up and let you enjoy it.