La Blogothèque


It was February 2006. A friend gave us the chance to shoot the Spinto Band singing in a faded café in Northern Paris. On April 26th, we posted it on La Blogothèque. The Take Away Shows were born.

What a year it’s been. We aired 46 sessions, not to mention the spin-off series. Our movies grew up with us: we came up with new challenges and some of our dreams came true. And we tried never to get bored.

There’re more than 20 new sessions coming up. We’re shooting five more this week. And the more we shoot, the more we feel like the Take Away Shows get closer to their ideal form: sort of a marriage between music and cinema, between documentary and raw capture. They try to give rhythm to images and to color music; they are the event as well as a testimony of the event.

The Take Away Shows won’t stop here. We’ll continue to try and surprise you, to try and surprise ourselves. But first things first, here’s a present for you, to celebrate our anniversary.

Each time we film a band, we record more songs than we air. (Hence the weird numbering.) We have about 50 songs that we’ve never shown, sitting on our hard drives. We’re not sure yet what we’ll do with those, but for this occasion, we wanted to share some of them.

This is our way of saying thank you. We would like to especially thank all the people who came from abroad, all the websites and magazines that supported us and wrote about us. The things we have read about our films on English-language sites over the last few weeks have made us proud and happy.

So THANK YOU a thousand times. Thanks for being there, thanks for coming back, thanks for all the nice things you say.