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The Low Lows

Parker has the look of a fighter, like a cowboy recently come home from the distant range. He’s always got a dented flask full of whisky resting in his back jean pocket. Classy, you know–the kind of image that nearly makes you jealous. I like Parker.

#36.1 – BLACK BEES

Réal : Vincent Moon

Shot in Paris, 2007

The Low Lows originally come from New York, where they became known under the name Parker and Lily, a duo/couple consisting of Parker Noon and Lily Wolfe. Later, Jeremy Wheatly and Daniel Rickard were added to the ensemble. At the end of 2004, however, the romance ended and Lily quit the group during the production of their third and last album, The Low Lows. The title suited the ambient vibe and eventually became the name of the new group, who were moving to Georgia at the time. The following year they recorded the magnificent and abrasive Fire on the Bright Sky, which was released in 2006 on the London-based label Monotreme Records. (Monotreme also released work from Thee More Shallows, Picastro, and Cerberus Shoal.)

The Canadian musician Barzin was in Paris for a couple of days. The night before, he had played an intimate concert in a Paris apartment, marking the first of the Home *Sweet* Home concert series. I had just made a video for him, and I wasn’t so proud of it…but at least it gave me the opportunity to introduce him to a bunch of girls, so he seemed content. The following day, The Low Lows got to Paris, not for a promotional visit or a show, but just kind of floating through, lost amidst the market traffic. Barzin wanted to do a Take Away Show with them, which made me wonder how his music, which is so captivating on disc, would turn out in an acoustic setting. We were thus treated to The Low Lows’ country rock carried by Parker’s crazy and lamenting voice. Barzin held the microphone and had some drinks.


Réal : Vincent Moon

Shot in Paris, 2007

I had wanted to film a video for quite some time in this old Parisian bar near le passage des Panoramas, a quaint neighborhood in the second arrondissement. It’s the kind of place one could easily mistake for a film set if it weren’t for its clientele, which resembles a herd of stereotypical middle-class tourists. The idea was pretty simple: Parker would stroll around and join up with his friends. His country rock seemed inexplicably meant for this kind of place. We had a couple of drinks and everything was cool. I love a simple story. Nearing the end of the video, a guy screamed out “Dylan!” Hey!

Afterwards, we tried to push our way into Chez Chartier, which reeks of disagreeable waiters and the neighborhood’s tourist vibe. We didn’t get very far because Parker freaked out a bit when he saw the giant dogs at the door. We then moved into an alleyway, where the trio launched into a serenade for a captivated couple walking their dog. Following this, we spontaneously hopped on a bus. I don’t even have to describe the reactions; just see for yourself. Oh, Parisians. Nevertheless, I thought that The Low Lows were better than Naturally 7.

While waiting for their second album, Little Tigers, which should be released in Paris soon enough, we’ll have the chance to see them in concert on February 27th at Le Tryptique. Don’t miss this immense and savagely electric group that radiates the sensations of whisky. Classy.

Thanks to Matt Evans for the translation