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Réal : Vincent Moon

Tourné à Paris, 2007

I hadn’t ever really listened to Cali. It’s the type of music that you hear on the radio, so often without paying attention; songs you hear people talking about, so often that you have to form an opinion of your own, even though you haven’t really listened.

And then Vincent Moon called me one night. He had filmed Herman Düne earlier that evening and had left quickly to see Cali in concert. My phone rang right after the concert ended. He was enthusiastic, like he often is, impossible to follow, like he often is—“Cali, wow, dude, Cali… shit, this guy. Wow. HaaHA! A performer!” Or something like that. Vincent Moon had decided: we were going to do a Take- Away Show with Cali.

So, voilà, like always, Murphy’s Law is with us. The man we had said was inexhaustible—whom we met up with in a Thai restaurant on la rue Lepic—is tired. We don’t believe it, luckily. Cali started to sing, and, in his presence, we forgot our exhaustion.

He’s not a man, Cali. He’s an adolescent, he’s naïve and a flirt, he’s a boy who acts in the street as if he were in our bedrooms, singing in front of our posters. He’s a reality show star parading through the street; he wants to take everything he passes, everything people hand him, everything he can get, even if it’s not actually offered. He would also love to give everyone a little something in return: sign autographs, sing serenades, impress the crowd, make love to the camera and make onlookers laugh. Be both punk and older brother, please both Inrocks and your mother. Play the songs that everyone loves because he loves them.

You won’t see anything there. You won’t see the guy who sings into the face of a wooden horse as if it were a girl to seduce, the same one who yells “God Save the Queen” before playing the sopranos on his knees in front of a student, the same one who asks a brunette with gorgeous eyes to hold a sheet of paper for him and not look at it. At the end of “Fin du Monde”, you wonder if he doesn’t cry “merde” because the tourists were leaving. They were Spanish and were very well-behaved.

#31.2 – ONE (U2 COVER)

Réal : Vincent Moon

Shot in Paris, 2007

In the end, we were left with a session where we saw a singer let go of himself, surprise us, and put so much spontaneity and sincerity into his songs that we count it among our best memories.

The nights when he’s not in concert, Cali should go out. He should go out and play for someone. A charming flirt. When his song comes on the radio, I imagine him pouring his heart into it.

Translated by Caitlin Caven