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Lapin Machin

#26.1 – SO FREAKY

Réal : Vincent Moon

Shot in Paris, 2006

The first time I saw the Lapin Machin, it was on a drunk night, in the amazed eyes of a girl.

She told me that she had seen a crazy and frenzied band: naïve punk, clown pop, humorously happening, absolute DIY, rage of a 15-year-old wearing a backpack. They’re even Parisian! Totally unique.

In fact, their name was kicking around for a while at the Pop In on rue Amelot, where the band was having a blast at the Sunday night [very] open mic nights. In response to those times’ disabled folk sessions, Lapin Machin brought on an ultra DIY drum kit (read: “Wow, guys, we found a couple boxes in the street! Let’s start a band!”), which drew in the crowd and then overwhelmed them with its savage-yet-fresh appeal. So, when I first encountered them in person, there was no doubt in my mind: the Takeaway Shows were made for Lapin Machin.

When I asked them to give me a bio to add to the text, they basically shrugged their shoulders as if it didn’t matter. I could theoretically say something like: “Formed out of rehearsing AC/DC covers and doses of megadrive, the group has successively transformed from indie-punk into lofi-pop, into death-folk, into anti-rock and indie-junky, before becoming what they are today: boxes, wood, and screaming.”
“Love” would be the closest description. All this is the closest I could get to the truth.

Upon hearing the band, many people would exclaim, “Moldy Peaches!” After all, it’s difficult to hide the references. The rabbit ears (“lapin” means “rabbit” in French) also inevitably make you think of Adam Green during his funny days.

Ok, they’re the Parisian Moldy Peaches–but isn’t it much better than “the Versailles kids under the influence of Bloc Party”?

The videos were filmed last September at dusk in the basement of Potemkine, a Parisian DVD store. The session started with screaming and box-pounding, and took off pretty powerfully…until we were kind of booted out by the boss of the store, who didn’t understand why this dirty band of regressive punks were kicking around the neighborhood. We then wandered around for hours playing loudly in the most “bobo”, or gentrified, neighborhood in Paris. We then found a car and convinced the owner to let us use it for a few minutes, at which point we would return it. Needless to say we got it, but the owner flipped out when we brought it back. Violette, the girl from the band, later got on top of a truck to do a little serenade to the stars.

I really love these three musicians. They are something that’s becoming increasingly rare: an energy that truly communicates, that makes you want to jump and scream. They just released their first album on the micro-mini-nano-label Antiskool Records. You can’t really find it anywhere apart from Ground Zero or by mail order. Loaded with beautiful and ripping tracks, these are the songs with which you fight off cloudy days.

#26.2 – BANG

Réal : Vincent Moon

Shot in Paris, 2006