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The Spinto Band

This is the inauguration of our “Take-Away Show” videocasts with two pieces played by The Spinto Band: one in their record label’s basement and one in a café at Porte de Clignancourt.

Two little guys showed up, tired and puny. They came to join us without really having had the chance to wake up. The one who carried a black guitar was Nick. The other, with the orange jacket and a rounded little suitcase that was much older than he—that was Thomas. It was a box of wonder, this suitcase: we brushed off the table, and Thomas put it down on the ground and opened it. Butterflies; magic; a kazoo attached to an old, disjointed, pink hanger; a little keyboard; a light-blue melodica…I don’t know what else. But it all went well with his anorak.

We walked up and down the corridors of the record label’s basement, exploring the ventilation room, finding a little corner in the back for them to play the first song. All of this happened without the Spinto Band really seeming like they understood what was going on. They seemed a little more at ease in the hallway where they played “Brown Boxes”. You’ll see—though they were clearly tired from 4 hours on Eurostar, the kazoo intro worked its magic. It’s crazy what you can do with a keyboard, a guitar, and a big ventilation tube.

Ten minutes later, we were on the street, looking for a good bar in Porte de Clignancourt. Thanks to Royal Mont Cenis, whose waiter, without batting an eyelid, turned off the Eric Clapton Unplugged to let our two Delaware post-adolescents sing “Oh Mandy” in the back of the room, in front of a glass of wine and next to three graphic designers who seemed unsure what to make of us. When Thomas played his keyboard, you could hear a little shock pass around the table. This set the pace. It was our first Take-Away Show. No one understood what just happened, but everyone left happy.

Translated by Caitlin Caven